Welcome to our Program.

CSM, Chantiers Sociaux Marocains, is a non profit NGO, founded in 1963. CSM is a national association, with several sections all around Morocco and a large international relation of cooperation. CSM is the Moroccan national committee of ICYE International Cultural Youth Exchange; it’s a member of several national, regional and international plat forms.

 CSM aims to:  

-          To promote volunteer activities for young people in their spare time and holidays;

-          To promote community development and encourage participation of community members in activities for their own benefit;

-          To create opportunities to exchange experiences between youth from different parts of the country and the rest of the world;

-          To promote international understanding through voluntary services;

-          To enable young people to encounter and understand different cultures;

-          To encourage the concept of voluntary services as a force in search for peace equality, democracy and international understanding;

 CSM works under the motto

“Your association opens to citizenship initiatives”

What is CSM workcamp conception?

A workcamp is a sort of voluntary service. The participants in this activity try to work together for a common aim. This means that all the participants must be actively involved in this service and be well motivated to do it.

A workcamp is also an opportunity for young people to exchange experiences and to achieve an intercultural learning process so as to build a word of peace and mutual understanding.

The work greatly varies from one project to the other. It normally involves Construction work in remote educative, social and cultural establishments, nature conservation work, and restoration of historical monuments, bricks molding, health and Aids awareness campaigns, sanitation projects such as digging water wells and erecting Blair toilets. The communities may ask us to perform other specific tasks outside the scope of our agreement. This is seen as a way of promoting intercultural understanding.

CSM organize sometime some special projects such:

 -          Arabic Language learning , CSM01/02/ 03

-          Training camps , CSM 04

-          Teaching French or English , CSM 05à18

-          Teaching Drama and animation CSM 19-20-21-22

-          Trekking / intercultural CSM 23-24-25-26

-          Environment camps CSM 27 to CSM 48

-          New year Camp in the Desert  CSM 49

 CSM’s camps don’t require manual skills, but they need strong motivation and well understanding of the local culture and difficulties.

The people you are going to meet are open-minded and tolerant; they are ready to achieve with you a constructive dialogue about all the subjects you want to discuss with them.

 3- Who can participate?

All the people between 18 and 40 years old can participate; some exception could be done for older motivated people.

 4- Insurance

CSM provides all the participants with an insurance which covers only the work accidents. For other illness, the participants should have their own insurance. 

 5- The Lodging and Board

The participants in a workcamp live mostly in simple accommodation, school residences, youth of children centres, sometime in tents. Those places have in general basic equipments. In the beginning and in the end of the workcamps the participants are invited to clean the accommodation place and make some arrangements to make it more comfortable.

We recommend to all the volunteers to take their sleeping bag 

 6- Leisure time   

Every locality has its characteristics, in the beginning of the workcamp the animator introduce the region to the volunteers and try to make a programme together. The participants are invited to contribute actively to elaborate and achieve this programme; they are also invited to bring with them musical materials, games and some information material about your home country.

In free time, the participants are free to organize their own activities, but they should inform the animators before.

 7- General information


Adresse : BP 456 Rabat , Morocco

Tél : +212667443837 , Fax : +212537262398, csm@wanadoo.net.ma  or  csm_morocco@yahoo.fr

CSM welcomes everybody to Morocco

and thanks You in advance for your participation


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